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Here's everything you need to know about ordering our custom products along with the questions we are most frequently being asked.

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3DZ will produce for you your own custom hologram design and 200 sheets of tamper / evident or standard labels or stickers £795 delivered and this includes artwork and origination based on your concept if you are unable to provide it to us.

As standard, we offer a multi-colour, multi-level 2D/3D conventional analogue 2D/3D hologram with up to 3 levels (layers of depth). This is the most popular and common type of hologram (similar to those found on many types of popular credit card).

For a small additional cost you can choose from the following options:

High-Resolution Dot-Matrix Hologram(Dot-Matrix can appear brighter/more colourful because more diffraction angles are used) - £100GBP
Combination 2D/3D and Dot-Matrix - £150GBP
Hidden Image - 'Laser Play' - This requires a laser pen/pointer to project text or an image - £100GBP
Hidden Image 'The Mole' - Scatter coded hidden image/text. Viewable with the aid of a special decoder film, that we supply) - £150GBP
Sequential numbering - Reverse Laser etched serial numbers - £150GBP

Examples of our work

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